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Notary Sworn Translation Services
Professional Translation in Every Language


Translation and interpreting of all kinds of documents with professional and sworn translators

Translation Services


Sworn Translation Services

Notary Sworn Translation

Corporate Document Translation

Apostille Translation

Translation of Marriage Procedures

Citizenship Transactions

Academic Document Translation

Work Permit Transactions

Power of Attorney Transactions

Power of Attorney Translation

Legal Document Translation

Translation of Medical Documents

Financial Translation

Technical Document Translation

Santral Translation Services İstanbul


Santral Translation Services is a translation office that has been serving in the translation industry for more than 15 years. With our services and experience, we offer professional solutions to the translation needs of our clients. With our wide range of languages and staff of specialized translators, we are able to meet all your translation requests.



15 Years Experience

We offer the highest quality service to our customers with the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years in the sector. With our expert team of translators who can meticulously translate all kinds of documents and transactions, we prioritize customer satisfaction and meet your demands in a timely, reliable and high quality manner.

Sworn and Notarized

We provide professional solutions for your official, legal, academic, medical, technical documents, correspondence and interpreting needs through sworn translators and notarized translation services.

Multilingual Translation Service

Santral Tercume has the capacity to provide translation services in many languages used around the world. We support you in business and personal communication with our capacity to translate in any language in the global world.


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